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Intelligent Products

CashComplete TM-SDS-35

Cash Store Intelligent CSI

Multiple POS intelligent Cash Device The CSI is a smart Deposit Solution that is ideal for upgrading your cash handling process to improve accuracy, cash visibility and shrinkage protection.

Monitor your cash levels, validate bills to prevent acceptance of counterfeits, simplify the verification process to securely store notes protecting you and your employee from theft.


  • Streamline and automate cash handling
  • Reduce loss from theft and shrinkage
  • Avoid counting inaccuracies and counterfeit notes
  • Individual user accountability
  • Suitable for multiple POS
RCS 400 Retail Cash Office System
RCS 400 Retail Cash Office System

RCS 400 Retail Cash Office System

The latest RCS-400 2.0 transforms cash handling into smart cash management improving the business at all levels. The minimalistic design together with the latest best-in-class technology and unique software connection, makes the RCS-400 2.0 one of the strongest back office solutions on the market. The RCS-400 2.0 improves the already very popular RCS-400 coin recycler for back office operations within retail, leisure and public transport. The RCS-400 2.0 works seamlessly with the unique monitoring software solution. The solution is the ultimate management platform for superior financial and operational control of cash. This cash solution is also connectable to any existing network and can be monitored from any remote position.


  • Streamlined Cash Handling
  • Improved in-store Cash Flow Management
  • Issuing Floats
  • High Security of Cash
  • Counterfeit Detection
  • Easy Reconciliation
  • Optimised CIT Deliveries and Pickups
  • Shifts, Costs of office and Staff
  • High Speed and Accuracy
  • Reduce Cash Handling Costs
RCS 800 Retail Cash Office System
RCS 800 Retail Cash Office System


RCS 800 Retail Cash Office System

After registering on the RCS-800, the cashier selects the cash mix for the day. In less than 30 seconds, coins and notes are automatically dispensed, coins into the cashier’s specified cash drawer. Banknotes are dispensed from the note recycling device in parallel, and a receipt is printed.

All activities are registered in the machine’s database or sent via the monitoring software to a central server. During the day, the RCS-800 also serves as a continuous cash supplier, enabling a supervisor to support cashiers with change when needed.

At the end of the day, the cashier registers at the RCS-800 and quickly deposits coins and notes from the day’s takings. The coins and notes are safely stored in dispensers ready for future float dispensing, the notes can be stored in the recycling device for future float dispense or directly sent to the self sealing transport bag.

The RCS 800 Retail Cash Office System has been designed for easy integration with the customer’s software systems, such as business or back-office systems. Cheques and coupons can be manually keyed into the system, put in a sealed bag and registered by the barcode scanner.


  • Time-consuming manual counting & packaging of coins & notes is eliminated​
  • Automatic dispensing of the daily floats saves a lot of time​
  • Self sealing bag for specified note denominations ensures safe & easy handling by back-office/CIT​
  • Automatic counting of the day’s takings per cashier or cash drawer​
  • Automatic verification of the takings, morning/evening the coins & notes are re-circulated within the store, which means less need for buying cash​
  • All activities are registered & saved for tracking purposes processing accuracy assured with patented sensor technology​
T-Flex coin-dispenser
T-Flex coin-dispenser
T-Flex coin dispenser angle

T-FLEX Automatic Coin Dispenser

Simple to install and easy to train employees. Customers have told us that implementing the T-Flex Coin Dispenser can save 5 to 8 seconds on every cash transaction. This means you’ll process more customers through the line faster, which leads to increased profits. Because the T-Flex Coin Dispenser automatically calculates the correct change based on commands from the Point of Sale system, cashier errors are a thing of the past.


  • Dispenses 6 coins per second​
  • Easy reconciliation​
  • Software tracks change issued
  • Fast operation
  • Small footprint
  • Dispenses change in under 2 seconds
  • Saves 8 to 12 seconds per transaction
  • Serve more customers faster
  • Improve speed of service by up to 15%
  • Eliminate bottlenecks waiting for change
  • Dimensions 368 x 247 x 165 mm
  • Weight 11.25ibs (without coin)
  • RS232 serial port, USB connectivity
  • 32 Volt DC, 4 amps max
  • Power Consumption 70w